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Would you Like to Turn your Rental Into The Next HomeBase?

Our founder, Julie Stoakley, has been Investing in Austin for 15 years and has a specialty on Residential Investing throughout the city.  She specializes in Buy & Hold Strategy with a focus on growing wealth steadily over time.  Austin is a great appreciation market where this strategy makes sense.

Our Strengths
Services Offered
15 Years experience as Investors in Austin.
Offering both Long Term and Corporate Rental investment models.
A custom property website will be created
Property Management team available through brokerage.
In-depth Knowledge of the City.
Flexible approach to each Investors’ needs.
Strong professionalism and negotiating skills.
Upscale rental approach minimizes Tenant headaches and maximizes profits.
Buyer Representation and Investment Analysis to Investment Purchaser.
Full Network of Professionals to help with an evaluation of property and repairs.
Full Staging services for both Long Term and Corporate Rental.
Full Leasing Services for both Long Term and Corporate Rentals.
Property management through Harmony Real Estate for both Long Term and Corporate Rental.
Analysis for properties that may be candidates for rental conversion.

“Julie helped manage the closing, the move-in, and the advertising, and she qualified the first renters. She basically handled everything. I had to do very little, if anything.”

Ed’s property was an instant success: we had a qualified renter waiting for the property before we even put it on the market. It’s been rented consistently since then, and the cash-flow has been positive since day one. I advised him to ask tenants for a higher down payment than normal, and it was effective.
“Julie is an expert in market analysis, and that’s very important in knowing what the market will bear for monthly rentals.”

Ed appreciated my close connection to the Austin market and my understanding of both buyers’ and sellers’ needs. 

“Our renters come from all over, but a lot come from California for 2-3 months to work in a business environment. Whereas otherwise they’d have to live in a hotel or motel, they find it more attractive to live in a single-family residence.”

Corporate Rental investors benefit from high-level tenants, 30-40% higher monthly rental amounts resulting in better cash flow, and well-maintained properties.


What is Corporate Rental?

Corporate Rental is high-level furnished housing with a flexible lease of 2-12 months, and includes amenities such as internet and utilities. Tenants are typically business clients, professionals relocating, and people going through transitions such as remodeling.

Who invests in corporate rental? People like Ed Collins.

Ed returned to real estate investment last year after a 20-year hiatus with the goal of buying and selling rental properties he could flip for a profit every two-five years.

I recommended a property that had recently been gutted and renovated, and Ed agreed to it right away. He appreciated its excellent condition, since he wouldn’t have to worry about the hiring process of fixing it up.

If you’re intrigued by the expanding Corporate Rental market, give me a call! I’d be happy to answer your questions and work together to figure out the right path for you.


Who are the tenants of Corporate Rentals?

Phil and Sam met in Montana and moved to Wyoming after marrying. Their jobs recently compelled them to move to Austin, and they needed a suitable living environment while they finalized the sale of their home in Wyoming and searched for a new home here in Texas.

Excited about their prospects for a future in Austin, they connected with me while searching for temporary housing.

“Julie made the transition to temporary housing very simple. We felt very comfortable with the change and the housing situation. Julie was at the rental upon our arrival to make sure we had everything we needed and to walk us through the property. She also helped us in our initial search for homes by listening to our wants and needs and creating a personalized list that met our criteria and were in locations which would work for us both professionally and personally.”

Their stay in a corporate rental helped alleviate much of the stress of moving across the country. They were able to leave their belongings in storage and live in a furnished home while searching for a permanent option.

“We would recommend this experience to others. The furnished corporate rental has really helped simplify our transition to Austin. We can’t wait to continue our life here in our newly purchased home, and we hope this rental helps others transition to their lives in Austin as it did for us.”


Case Study - Cozy Urban Home Corporate Rental

The property was acquired in 2016 with an original sales price of $245,000. It was one of the very first Corporate Rental homes, and the rent has already been raised from $1,900 to $2,350 in the past three years. The cozy condo is located in central Austin and is close to everywhere. With a detached backyard and a walking nice neighborhood, the tenant can feel like a local in this urban home.

In this case study you can find the comprehensive story about this detached condo that is close to everywhere, has an average 4.5 month lease with flexible lease terms.

Most importantly, get insight into key metrics including:

  • Annual Appreciation
  • Occupancy Rate
  • Annual ROI

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Case Study -
Executive Home

The property was acquired in 2016 with an original sales price of $385,000. Julie managed this property using the new Corporate Rental Model concept, which allowed her to attract high-quality Executive-level tenants since then. The tenants are usually just settled in Austin, who are in a transition in their life and are looking for a place that can be called their “home” in Austin. The “Executive Home” perfectly meets their requirements and also gives them a turn key experience.

In this case study you can find the comprehensive story about this 3 bedroom, 2,689 sq ft home in Austin with 56% higher monthly rent than similar models.

Most importantly, get insight into key metrics including:

  • Annual Appreciation
  • Occupancy Rate
  • Annual ROI

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